Monday, 7 June 2010

Quincy. . .

Little Miss Q turned 2 in March. She is getting so big. We got rid of her Binki soon after her second birthday- that was hard on all of us. She still asks for it occassionally but I think we have forgotten about it for the most part. She has finally started sleeping through the night again. There were many weeks there that I was up at 4,5,6 AM trying to soothe her back to sleep. It was exhausting, so thank goodness our sleep schedule is back to normal. Shes got a bit of an attitude sometimes- the other day she said '' FINE MOMMY. . .FINE'' when i told her she cant run into the road without holding my hand. Sometimes she will say to me ''SOO MAD'' and gets a mean scowl on her face.. . .but i guess that is good that she is expressing her feelings. Although those mad moments are pretty funny there is also a fun, wonderful, adorable and sweet side to Quincy as well. She is such a little love! Since the binki is now gone I have had the pleasure of rocking her each night for a little longer than normal and I love it so much. She wont be that small for much longer and those moments are so precious.

She loves to sing and dance. Her favorite songs are twinkle, row your boat, and incy spider and if you try to sing along she puts her finger over your lips and says I DO IT. Then she starts all over. She loves to color mostly all over herself and she adores Kalem. The two of them are great together!! Here are some recent pictures of our little 2 year old. . . getting so big.

She calls this the Seeter Sotter (Teeter Totter and See Saw combined)

She is holding her newest cousin baby Saylor. She looked up at me and said,

''i love him mommy''- it was so sweet!!

Spring Sports. . .

Kalem was involved in Soccer and T- Ball this spring. He loves them both so much and cant decide on which one he likes better. One week its soccer because he gets to KICK that ball so hard and one week its baseball cause he gets to SMACK that ball so hard. I totally get it because I have been taking tennis lessons and I understand how good it feels to SMACK that ball. I take out all of the days pent up emotions on those tennis balls and it feels great.

Tball was pretty intense- 2 games every weekend from May-July. Seriously?? For a 4 year old. He is the littlest and youngest one on the team, but he holds his own. Lucky hes got an amazing daddy to work and practice with him. Trev has really enjoyed being involved with Kalem and his t-ball and thankfully the weather has warmed up a bit because there were some bitter cold days this spring on the baseball field.


Soccer was good fun- They got to play a little scrimmage at the end of every practice and Kalem was totally into it. So cute and so fun to watch. I am thoroughly enjoying this boy and sports thing right now- I don't have any brothers so we didn't really do the sports much as a family but I LOVE IT!! ''Go buddy Go''- that is Quincy's cheer on the sidelines!!!

(for some reason I cant get his soccer pictures to upload. . . try again later)

Friday, 24 July 2009

New Pics of K and Q. . .

This one is for my mom. She told me she was going to check out my blog tonight at my Aunts house and so I am posting some new pictures of the kids for her. Trev has been away this ENTIRE week and we have missed him. We have been trying to keep ourselves busy and one of the activities of the week was taking Kalem and Quincy to a nearby park for some pictures. We had fun messin around and I enjoyed acting like a photographer. Hope you enjoy mom. . .We love you and cant wait to see you in a month.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Little Buddies. . .

These two are starting to become little buddies. Quincy is finally getting to an age where she can play for a few minutes with Kalem. Every night after bath time they have started playing chase each other down the hall- it reminds me of when we used to play this with Kalem in Scotland. They laugh so hard their bellies ache. It is so cute. Recently he has started to climb into her crib and reads her stories. He is such a good big brother, Quincy is one lucky little girl to have him around.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

4th of July. . .

We spent our 4th at Bear Lake this year. It has been a while since we have celebrated our countries Independence up at the lake. We had a great time doing what we do best. . .

A little bit of this. . .

Playing cards and A little more of this. . . Quite a bit of this. . .
and just spending time together.
Every time we go home both Trev and I question why we don't move back sooner than later. Kalem gets along so well with all of the cousins and keeps asking when we are going back to see them.
Quincy on the other hand, she is going through a mommy attached stage. She wouldn't let me put her down for a second. It was tiring. Hopefully she will pull out of that soon.
(our little firecracker)

We got to experience the latest Thatcher Tradition which is the Paris Rodeo on the 4th. I am so glad we got to be a part of the festivities this year.
We hear how fun this Rodeo is and each year the cousins come home with Chickens and Pigs that they win in the races!! This year CC and Chase were the proud new owners of 2 baby goats.

Trev enrolled Kalem into the Calf Riding - yeah picture bull riding just on a smaller scale and instead of a cowboy hat he had on a HELMET.
I was sick to my stomach as I watched my little boy in the shoot getting instructions on how to hold on for his life. Sure enough that calf came out bucking and poor Kalem didnt have a clue as to what was happening. After 2 good bucks he went barrelling through the air - Needless to say he wasn't too impressed with the ride. I got some good video footage and we still have a laugh watching it in slow mo. We asked him if he will ever do it again and he says maybe when i get a little bigger- I think that's a good idea bud.
Anyway, a big thanks to Gram and Pa for all that you do and for making such a great effort to ensure the whole family gets together for special times like these. WE LOVE YOU!

Mr Ice Cream Man. . .

Kalem discovered the Ice Cream Man this summer. He waits patiently each day for him to come. He saves his money in a special place so that he can grab it whenever he hears that special tune coming down the street. I swear Kalem is his only customer in the neighborhood because I saw him the other day speed down one street and then went REALLY slow as he turned down ours. Anyway, we've had to cut back on the Ice Cream purchases so that it isn't expected every day, only on special days!!! We haven't seen him for a few weeks and so Kalem asked me if I knew where the Ice Cream Man lived. I of course said ''No.'' Then he told me that we should put it in the GPS to see if it comes up. Clever little guy, why didn't i think of that???

No More Training Wheels. . .

Kalem got a new bike for his birthday and not a week later Trev had him up and running on 2 wheels. I was amazed. I went out one night and came home to a boy so proud because he learned to ride his bike w/o the training wheels. He showed me the next morning and he had every right to be so proud. He is addicted to the bike and wants to ride that thing morning, noon and night. He is getting brave and we are moving onto some extreme moves such as going off curbs. I think we oughta figure out how to stop and start on our own before we conquer some of the bigger stuff but way to go buddy- we are so proud of you!!