Monday, 7 June 2010

Quincy. . .

Little Miss Q turned 2 in March. She is getting so big. We got rid of her Binki soon after her second birthday- that was hard on all of us. She still asks for it occassionally but I think we have forgotten about it for the most part. She has finally started sleeping through the night again. There were many weeks there that I was up at 4,5,6 AM trying to soothe her back to sleep. It was exhausting, so thank goodness our sleep schedule is back to normal. Shes got a bit of an attitude sometimes- the other day she said '' FINE MOMMY. . .FINE'' when i told her she cant run into the road without holding my hand. Sometimes she will say to me ''SOO MAD'' and gets a mean scowl on her face.. . .but i guess that is good that she is expressing her feelings. Although those mad moments are pretty funny there is also a fun, wonderful, adorable and sweet side to Quincy as well. She is such a little love! Since the binki is now gone I have had the pleasure of rocking her each night for a little longer than normal and I love it so much. She wont be that small for much longer and those moments are so precious.

She loves to sing and dance. Her favorite songs are twinkle, row your boat, and incy spider and if you try to sing along she puts her finger over your lips and says I DO IT. Then she starts all over. She loves to color mostly all over herself and she adores Kalem. The two of them are great together!! Here are some recent pictures of our little 2 year old. . . getting so big.

She calls this the Seeter Sotter (Teeter Totter and See Saw combined)

She is holding her newest cousin baby Saylor. She looked up at me and said,

''i love him mommy''- it was so sweet!!

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Kelly said...

Oh my gosh TIna, she has gotten SO big and just is the CUTEST little thing! I love her little attitude! You've got to write down the things she says, they are too funny!!! She sounds like she is talking a ton! Would love to see you. When's your next trip to Utah? Hopefully you'll be living there soon! She really is a beautiful little thing, but I'm sure you know that! Love you!